Kaitlyn's Maternity Shoot

I've become close with the Stickrod family through work, play, life celebrations, and Dungeons & Dragons nights. Along the way, I've also been blessed to photograph some pretty big moments in their lives. It was an absolute honor to do Kaitlyn's maternity shoot for her daughter, who comes THIS  WEEK. The day she told me she was pregnant, we started talking about her maternity photos. As the day drew closer, we made a folder of photos with ideas for the shoot...far too many to actually accomplish! What we did end up with was a shoot that was perfectly fitted to this amazing family of (soon to be) four. This is my favorite shoot to date. I may be a bit biased, since these wonderful people have become not only best friends, but family to me. I hope you can tell through the lens. Congratulations to Kaitlyn, Matt, and Rowan. <3 

Rachel Woodall