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What is art, anyway? Many people would list off the basics: painting, music, theater…but Artistic License is here to push those limits. Artistic License aims to expand the listener’s definition of art and appreciation for all of the above. Whether they’re into music, karate, or wilderness survival skills, local and national artists of all kinds are featured on the show. Let’s no longer feel intimidated or bored when we hear the word “art.” It’s likely something in your life that you’re passionate about fits that category, too.


Author Alyssa Wees on weaving her passions into her words

IT IS HERE! My chat with author, Alyssa Wees, about her new novel. We talk all things "The Waking Forest," the appeal of the Young Adult genre, and her favorite fairy tales.


Chad Ellis: Podcasts, Community, & an Antarctic Isolation Horror

This one’s a chat with Chad Ellis about his podcast, Station Blue. We chat about the ever-growing podcast art form, and we geek out a little, too. It also features podcast recommendations from: Jessica Staedter, Joe Diamond Studio, Adam Damon, Pete Kelly, and Kaitlyn Stickrod. Something for everyone!


Ceasar F. Barajas: Why Wouldn’t You Want Some Peace in Your Life?

I am SO excited about this special chat with Ceasar Barajas about life, yoga, meditation, and so much more! This week's Artistic License episode below. Please share if you're inspired like I was!

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Have you had your annual art check-up?

Have you had your annual "art check-up" yet?!

Check out this awesome new episode of Artistic License, featuring a bunch of people making amazing art all around me!

Joe Diamond on Magic: “The Art is in the Mystery”

I sat down with Chicagoland magician, Joe Diamond, to talk about the art of magic: how he chose this as a profession, the nuances of the art, and why he thinks everyone should learn at least one magic trick.

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